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Nona Kane is a Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist in the Washington, DC Metro Area since 2008. Her goal is to provide a positive experience to engage your natural ability to heal your own body.

Her years of experience working with a chiropractor enables her to have a better understanding of the human body. Whether you need a relaxing massage, therapeutic experience, Reiki or a tune up with Resonating Tuning Forks, she will work with you to bring back order to your body.

Accreditations and Licenses

Certified Massage Therapist
National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB)
Licensed in the State of Virginia & Fairfax County
Insured by Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP)
Reiki Practitioner


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"Nona Kane is a knowledgeable and talented professional in the Massage and Bodywork fields. Her experience and skills really shine through in her treating the needs of her clients. I have been a massage therapist for many years. I know and understand the value of massage. I feel very fortunate to have Nona as my “go to” Therapist. She’s good natured with an amazing ability. I look forward to our sessions together. Thank you Nona for your caring and thoughtful touch."
Patty McGiffin, CMT, Fairfax, VA
"After months of stress, my body started to shut down trying to keep up with my daily routine. I started to have constant pain and palpable knots on my neck and back. I was taking muscle relaxants and pain meds without lasting results. After an hour of a relaxing and professional massage, I was able to move my neck again. An additional perk, that I liked, were the exercise tips that I was given to help maintain the results from the massage. The experience was so positive and as a physician I have to say Agate Spirit is my treatment of choice. Any trip to Virginia would not be complete unless I book a massage with Nona Kane. I highly recommend her when looking for a relaxing, professional and therapeutic massage."
Dr. HBP, Republic of Panama
"I am so glad I found Agate-Spirit Massage - Nona has a truly beautiful spirit. Whether it’s Reiki, Table or Chair Massage (I’ve had them all) she has made me a believer in the benefit of therapy for my body and mind. Because of her professional and spiritual approach to providing service to her clients I have frequently purchased gift certificates for family, friends and coworkers. All of whom have been appreciative and excited when they receive a second or third certificate. Nona is accommodating and flexible when scheduling – and even comes to your home or work! I highly recommend Agate-Spirit Massage to anyone in need of a soothing, comfortable and relaxing experience. Ahhh…"
Shireen S., Bethesda, MD
“We’ve had Nona come to our office for Massage Therapy Days, which have been a really big hit with our staff. These events are so easy to organize because Nona does everything, from providing sign up sheets in advance to turning our conference room into an oasis of relaxation. Employees have told me they really appreciate the time she takes to answer questions and make them feel comfortable. I look forward to working with her again! Please feel free to offer my name as a reference for anyone considering a corporate event.”
Katherine, Human Resources Manager, Washington, DC

Services & Rates Overview

Each body is unique. I will work with you to find the right combination of techniques and methods that provide the best experience for you. Cash, checks, credit cards, and Paypal accepted.

Click on any of the services listed below for more details.

Agate Swedish Massage
30/60 min., $40/$75
Relaxing traditional massage to relieve tension. Strokes are soothing with gentle kneading for muscle relaxation.
Deep Tissue Massage
60/90 min., $90/$135
Work out those knots & stored up tension. This is an interactive session, requiring communication during the session between you & the therapist. This massage is slower and includes more forearms, elbows & knuckles working on the fascia & trigger points under the skin. It may also include myofascial release techniques to increase range of motion.
Facial Massage
Experiencing congestion, TMJ, or tension headaches? Add additional time to your massage or ask for it to be incorporated into your traditional massage.
Abdominal Massage
If your stomach is in knots, you're experiencing constipation, or you're suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, ask for an abdominal massage! This is a soothing massage with gliding/effleurage strokes to assist with your natural digestive ability. Ask for it to be incorporated into your massage or add 5 minutes to your massage. Your body will thank you later!
IM Massage
20 min., $25
Step away from the iPhone®, AndroidTM, BlackBerry®, or keyboard in general and let the stress on your thumbs, fingers and arms melt away!

This is a clothed massage on a chair with warm mitts, followed by massage and myofascial release of the arms, fingers, and thumbs. With extra attention to those thumbs!!
**NEW**Resonating Tuning Fork Therapy
20/30 min., $25/$35
Resonating Tuning Fork Therapy is sound therapy to help you syncronize your mind-heart-body. Whether you need to lose weight energetically or need to feel grounded. Increases nitric oxide which adds oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. It balances your chakras. Clothes remain on and it involves the practitioner waving lunar scale tuning forks above your body and occasionally touching your body. The session may be conducted with or without verbal client feedback.

15/30/60 min., $10/$20/$40
Reiki is a Japanese term meaning Universal Life Energy. This energy technique works with your intention for the session. It can assist with relaxation, balancing and self healing (emotionally and/or physically). Clothes remain on and it involves the practitioner's hands lightly/respectfully touching or hovering over the body in certain areas. This may also be performed long distance.

Many experience a feeling of well-being and a sense of deep calm at the end of a session. Let's face it, de-stressing has many long-term health benefits!
Chair Massage
Chair massage now offered at Nona's new location. Clothed massage on a chair for work on neck, shoulders, back, arms, and hands.

Great for company sponsored events or personal guests at your home events!

Want to draw attention at your next Event? Chair massage creates added value by attracting prospects and they leave your Event feeling positive about your company or event.

Looking to add another benefit at work? Employer or Employee paid, your employees will love the chance to relax.

Add a unique twist to the following events:
  • ladies night out
  • benefit fairs
  • fundraising promotions
  • glamour birthday parties
  • bridal showers
  • ease wedding day jitters
  • trade shows and conventions
Parking reimbursement required, plus, minimum requirement for events is 60 minutes.
30/60 min., $50/$100
Warm Bamboo/Rattan applied to your tense muscles is a great way to get a deeper massage. Strokes involve 8 different sizes of bamboo, used at different intervals. Great for working on trigger points and making your skin more supple! Try it if you like deep tissue work!
Agate Om™
Select your own Brazilian Blue Agate so that we may connect with your own healing ability! Healing sounds for each Chakra will be combined with the Agate Swedish massage. Other stones will be used in line with your Chakras. However, you keep the hand selected blue agate!


Sunday through Saturday

Please call 571-212-1106 for availability.


24 hour cancellation notice required from both parties (client and therapist). If no notice is given by client, client will be required to pay for travel time and half price of the session. Therapist will only wait 15 minutes if client is not at scheduled location.


Gift Certificates Available

Perfect holiday gift! Purchase gift certificates and let the receiver determine how to spend it with Agate Spirit Massage. Certificates may be applied to different massage techniques, Reiki, or Resonating Tuning Fork appointments.

Gift Certificates valid for one year after purchase. Transactions can be conducted via email and certificates can be mailed or emailed. Certificates are transferable.

New Client Special
$10 off your first visit (Not to be combined with the Teacher & Staff Special.)

Teacher & Staff Thursdays
Are you teaching or working for a local school or university? Every Thursday (through February 20, 2014), just pay $50 for 50 minutes for a Swedish massage ($20 extra for deep tissue) or $30 for 30 minutes for a Swedish massage ($20 extra for deep tissue). (Not to be combined with the New Client Special.)

Client Referral
Refer a friend who becomes a table client and receive $20 off your next table massage.

Fairy Princess Swedish Package
Pre-pay $255 for four 60 minute swedish massages and receive an eye mask and relaxing music cd to take home while saving 15%! Certificates are not refundable, but are transferrable. Certificates expire 12 months from date of purchase.

Agate Deep Tissue Package
Pre-pay $306 for four 60 minute deep tissue massages and save 15%! Certificates are not refundable, but are transferrable. Certificates expire 12 months from date of purchase.


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Location & Hours

All massages are by appointment only.

Flexible hours during the daytime, evenings or weekends. To schedule an appointment Sunday through Saturday or ask questions about services or pricing, please contact Nona Kane.

The Cary Building
8136 Old Keene Mill Rd, Suite A-209
Springfield, VA 22152

Free Parking

Telephone: 571.212.1106
E-mail: nona.kane@agatespirit.com
Se habla Español.


24 hour cancellation notice required from both parties (client and therapist). If no notice is given by client, client will be required to pay for half price of the session. Therapist will only wait 15 minutes if client is not at scheduled location.

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